John LaRocca

John LaRocca is an experienced B2B and B2C equipment leasing, credit, operations, sales executive and expert witness. He is a Q2C partner and senior vice president of marketing and business development for CreditPointe, Inc., providing insightful, timely, independent analysis, rating and monitoring of all global public companies including comprehensive analysis of aggregate credit risk trends per industry. Services include a flexible, intelligently automated lending platform for scored and non-scored products. For additional information visit:

John is a founding partner of Quote To Cash Solutions, helping companies improve their working capital management. In 2005-06 he has worked on behalf of: The US Dept. of State’s USAID, Avnet, Inc., Dell, Inc., and Dell Financial Services, GE Commercial Distribution Finance, The Bank of Georgia’s (former Soviet block) Georgian Leasing Company and Mellon Global Cash Management.

He was vice president of operations, then president and CEO of LeasingX, Inc., an equipment leasing auction marketplace for Gateway, and earlier served as senior vice president of operations and information systems at De Lage Landen (DLL) Financial Services, and vice president of customer care, senior vice president of operations and information systems for Tokai Financial Services.

John was with Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), Palo Alto, California, as HP’s global sales manager for MicroAge Inc., where his team achieved >$1 billion in annual sales. Preceding this he was HP’s Americas and global credit, collections and accounts receivable manager. HP’s global computer lease-marketing manager and government contracts sales manager, a major account computer sales representative, a regional leasing and contracts manager, an order processing supervisor, and a credit specialist.

He was president of Micro Systems Leasing (B2C) and vice president of lease marketing for Phoenix Leasing and Phoenix American (B2B), San Rafael, CA
John held sales, leasing, credit and process management positions with Bayuk Cigars, Inc., FTI (B2B), Household Finance Company (B2C) and Transamerica.

John has been a member of the Dun & Bradstreet Advisory Group since 1985. He is a consulting member to the Credit Research Foundation and was a member of the Computer Technology Industry Association’s (CompTIA) finance committee.

John was a marketing major at LaSalle College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and also earned a credit certificate from the Robert Morris Association and a team management certificate from the Kellogg School, Northwestern University.

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